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Valuation Services

Our Valuation Services

Our affiliation with Corporate Valuation Advisors along with our in-house local expertise and national coverage gives us an ability value all types of property.

Financial Valuation Services

Financial Valuations are performed for numerous reasons
including financial reporting, stock option valuations, estate
planning and lending. They include:

Intellectual Property Valuations

In many cases, the intellectual property of a company can be its most valuable asset. We conduct intellectual property valuations for purchase price allocations and lending purposes. Some of the more commmon intangible assets valuations include:
Purchase Price Allocations
Stock and Stock Option Valuations
Goodwill and Indefinite Life Imparement Testing
Private Equity Compliance Valuations
Business Enterprise Valuations
Start-Up Company Valuations
Fresh Start Accounting Valuations
Estate Planning
Trademarks, Trade Names, Brands
Patents, Technology, Custom & Canned Software, Databases
Customer Relationships
Non-Compete Agreements
Transfer Pricing

Fairness Opinions and Solvency Opinions

Tangible Property Valuations

In order to support a board of directors and top management,
we are regularly requested to perform fairness, solvency and
surplus opinions to support the payment of dividends to
shareholders and for capital restructuring.

- Fairness Opinions
- Solvency Opinions
- Capital/Dividend Surplus Analysis
Machinery and equipment, real estate, inventory, vehhicles and other physical income producing assets are rarely stated at market value on a balance sheet.  Our machinery and equipment appraisers conduct valuations of tangible assets for purchase price allocations, loan imparement testing, lending and insurance engagements.

National Coverage

Local Expertise


National Property Tax Group is an alliance of property tax consultants located throughout the United States. Founded in 1992, they represent clients in all 50 states and Canada, serving them on a local, statewide, regional and national level. Their membership is comprised of highly trained property tax professionals, each with more than 20 years of experience in the business.

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